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All Batton® and Jay Cotton shirts come in three different fits:

Classic Fit is made with an 8 button front shirt that has more room in the chest and waist area so you have room where you need the most and an extra-long shirt tail to make sure the shirt will stay tucked throughout the day.  

Tailored Fit is cut narrower in the chest and waist regions to give you a more fitted look. This is an 8 button shirt with a slightly shorter tail that gives you options, whether you want to wear it tucked in or out.

Big & Tall Fit is perfect for all shapes and sizes. You may be tall but not a big, or visa versa. Our Big & Tall shirts come in a wide range of sizes that are cut perfectly to fit you comfortably and are made with an 8 button front, extra-long shirt tail.


Classic Fit

Tailored Fit

Big & Tall


Find out what fit is right for you by checking out our size charts.